December 14, 2011

Welcome to Q ArtStudio

"Bird Series" by Kevin Keane 

Art and Culture enriches our lives by inspiring creativity, reflection and social debate.  It strengthens our communities and encourages social inclusion and harmony.  It is the portal for artistic knowledge and discovery and reflects the diversity that shapes the distinctive features of Australia's culture and identity.

The artistic aspirations and achievements of people with a disability are an important and valued part of the Australian culture. Artists with intellectual disability are entitled to have the same choices and opportunities to engage, practise and pursue a career in the arts as those without a disability.

Over the past five and a half years Q ArtStudio had developed a strong and innovative business model providing mentoring and employment for artists with intellectual disability.  Operating as a fine art/applied art/design studio Q ArtStudio provides opportunity for the community to engage with artists who have intellectual disability and to experience first hand their amazing capacity to create unique designs and quality artwork.